PaceJS RECOMMENDED Include pace.js and a CSS theme of your choice, and you get a beautiful progress indicator for your page load and ajax navigation.

Important information

This plugin is not required but highly recommended. If you decide to remove PaceJS from core, Internet Explorer may have some CSS issues during page load. Some animations will execute before a page is fully loaded, resulting 'jumpy / jerky' animations.

Find in-depth, guidelines, tutorials and more on Pace's Official Documentation

Default Settings

Default paceJS settings, no changes needed!

Custom CSS

Custom location by adding class .mod-pace-custom

Core API

SmartAdmin for PHP comes with integrated and customized styles for PaceJS plugin. PaceJS in short, improves usability from an user's point of view
Methods Description
Pace.start Show the progress bar and start updating. Called automatically if you don't use AMD or CommonJS.
Pace.restart Show the progress bar if it's hidden and start reporting the progress from scratch.
Pace.stop Hide the progress bar and stop updating it
Pace.track Explicitly track one or more requests, see Tracking below
Pace.ignore Expliticly ignore one or more requests, see Tracking below
Configuration Pace is fully automatic, no configuration is necessary to get started. If you would like to make some tweaks, here's how. You can set window.paceOptions before bringing in the file:
paceOptions = {
  // Disable the 'elements' source
  elements: false,

  // Only show the progress on regular and ajax-y page navigation,
  // not every request
  restartOnRequestAfter: false
You can also put options on the script tag
<script data-pace-options='{ "ajax": false }' src='pace.js'></script>