SweetAlert2 ADDON A beautiful, responsive customizable, accessible (wai-aria) replacement for javascript's popup boxes with no dependencies


SweetAlert2 is a JavaScript library that helps us create alerts in our web applications. SweetAlert2 is a replacement for default JavaScript pop up boxes. It needs zero dependencies, is customizable, well structured, accessible (wai-aria) and responsive. It needs promise.js for IE11 support. It is currently not supported in IE10

Find in-depth, guidelines, tutorials and more on sweetalert2's Official Documentation

SweetAlert2 Examples

SweetAlert2 automatically centers itself on the page and looks great no matter if you're using a desktop computer, mobile or tablet. It's even highly customizeable, as you can see below!
1 A basic message Try me!
2 A title with a text under Try me!
3 A modal with a title, an error icon, a text, and a footer Try me!
4 A modal window with a long content inside: Try me!
5 Custom HTML description and buttons with ARIA labels Try me!
6 A custom positioned dialog Try me!
7 A confirm dialog, with a function attached to the "Confirm"-button... Try me!
8 ... and by passing a parameter, you can execute something else for "Cancel". Try me!
9 A message with a custom image and CSS animation disabled Try me!
10 A message with custom width, padding, background and animated Nyan Cat Try me!
11 A message with auto close timer Try me!
12 Right-to-left support for Arabic, Hebrew, and other RTL languages Try me!
13 AJAX request example Try me!
14 Chaining modals (queue) example Try me!
15 Dynamic queue example Try me!
16 Timer functions example Try me!