BootBox EXTENSION waves description


Bootbox.js is a small JavaScript library which allows you to create programmatic dialog boxes using Bootstrap modals, without having to worry about creating, managing, or removing any of the required DOM elements or JavaScript event handlers.

Find in-depth, guidelines, tutorials and more on BootBox's Official Documentation

BootBox Examples

The examples below attempt to demonstrate the myriad ways in which you can use Bootbox.
1 Basic usage Try me!
2 Basic usage, with callback Try me!
3 Basic usage, using options object Try me!
4 Small dialog Try me!
5 Large dialog Try me!
6 Basic confirmation Try me!
7 Confirmation with alternate button text and color Try me!
8 Confirmation with icon and button text Try me!
9 Prompt basic Try me!
10 Prompt with checkbox Try me!
11 Prompt with radio buttons and a message value Try me!
12 Prompt with date Try me!
13 Prompt with email Try me!
14 Prompt with number Try me!
15 Prompt with password Try me!
16 Prompt with select Try me!
17 Prompt with select & multiple Try me!
18 Prompt with textarea Try me!
19 Prompt with time Try me!
20 Prompt with range Try me!
21 Custom dialog as "loading" overlay Try me!
22 Custom dialog, using init Try me!
23 Custom dialog, with buttons and callbacks Try me!
24 Custom dialot and message with input controls Try me!

BootBox Custom Class

Below we use the custom class method className to add the class modal-alert to change the dialog appearance and also add sound by using initApp.playSound function
1 Basic confirmation Try me!
2 Basic Alert Try me!