Navigation CORE Application Navigation for SmartAdmin WebApp

Build the menu

You can also add the attribute data-nav-accordion="true" to set accordion true or false. The background can be any color you wish from our color pallet and gradient presets, and over 1700 icons to choose from for your arrows.

Configuration Options

The navigation element can be configured manually via the following script. The script is super lightweight and fast. You will generate and load your navigation almost instantaneously. You can change the navigation padding, and color options via CSS, and further customize the navigation with our SCSS variables
Initialize Manually
   accordion: 'true', 
   animate: 'ease-in', 
   speed: 400, 
   closedSign: 'fal fa-minus', 
   openedSign: 'fal fa-plus'
Initialize through app.core
//this will set the navigation based on app.config.js default config